Projects is a website set up for the telling and sharing of stories of end of life and after.

I collaborated on this project because, I believe our stories are powerful. I believe in the healing arts, and know how important our narratives are. We share our birth stories, yet shy away from our death stories. These top and tail experiences of life can be profound. In our Western culture we often become silent around death. Thus not developing a vocabulary, which in turn effects our grieving process.

I want to live in a society that honours the sacred.

Petition to extend Bereavement leave in the National Employment Standards

Australian workers are entitled to 2 days paid bereavement leave or Sorry Business in the National Employment Standards (NES). This still shocks me! How can anyone who has lost a significant person in their life, do any grieving with the 2 days allocated? Its not even enough time to plan a funeral!

As part of the Memoleaves team, we are dedicated to raising awareness around this issue and we hope to see bereavement leave extended to 10 days. Many employers already arrange for longer leave and many unions have agreements of 5 days for their employees.  With many organisations and businesses already allowing more time, its time for the government to catch up with popular practice.

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