Navigating Life Transitions. A Life long Process.

We are all in the process of change, whether we acknowledge it or not. On a physical level, within 7 years our bodies will be a totally different. There are so many life transitions we go through from birth to grave on physically,emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

I have the best job in the world. I spend my day communicating with people who, like me desire to be the best person they can. Our shared goal is to promote the living of a meaningful and fulfilling life.

I help people to understand, connect and retrieve the stuck, lost or denied parts of themselves thus re- authoring their life story.

Life is a continual series of transitions.

Sometimes we can get emotionally stuck during this process and it can impact our sense of self and worldview. I love working with clients in helping them to re-evaluate the past and integrate their learning moving forward.

The Living of a meaningful life involves valuing oneself and one’s experiences.

To become Conscious means we must become aware of everything that is unconscious. This can be an uncomfortable, emotional experience. Lets face it, we push things into our unconscious because they didn’t feel great the first time around. My job is to be the assistance needed to navigate this transition to awareness and integration.

As a Psychotherapist, Relationship Counsellor, Kinesiologist/counsellor and End of Life Consultant, Im excited to meet you on this path.